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Best Carpet Cleaner In Como

Keeping your carpets clean is no easy task. Cleanetic Cleaning is a professional carpet cleaning company offering carpet cleaners in Como that will help you to maintain your carpets and keep them looking new.

Carpets can attract a lot of dirt and other small particles which can lead to them looking dull as well as pose potential health issues. Because of this, it is important to keep your carpets clean and free from dirt and stains. Try our professional services in Como to help you do just this.


Cleanetic Carpet Cleaners in Como

Cleanetic Cleaning recognises that keeping carpets clean is as an investment in your home. We strive to provide the best possible cleaning results for our customers by combing skilled professionals with expert equipment.

Before beginning a job we will take you through the entire process to ensure you are fully aware of how our service works and to outline the results you can expect.

In addition to being the best carpet cleaners in Como, we also offer a wide variety of additional cleaning services such as post building and construction cleaning for handover, commercial cleaning, domestic cleaning, end of lease cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and upholstery cleaning.

Instead of spending your free time cleaning, why not let us do the heavy lifting instead. With us in charge, you can take a stroll on the Como beach front, hike the Como heritage trail, or hit a round of golf at the Collier Park Golf Course instead. We will clean up after those muddy shoes and you can enjoy your leisurely free time.

Our expert staff are prepared to answer any questions that you might have and provide you with professional advice and assistance on any potential issues or concerns you would like to address.


Benefits Of Getting Your Carpets Cleaned

Not only does getting your carpets and rugs cleaned make them look great and improve the aesthetics of your space, but there are also multiple other benefits that you will enjoy such as:

  • Removal of allergens such as dust
  • Healthier living/work environment with the removal of disease-causing bacteria or mites harboured in carpets
  • Regular cleaning prolongs carpet life to avoid costly replacements
  • Carpets look and feel brand new
  • Reduces track or traffic lane effects

We recommend getting a professional to clean your carpets at least twice a year. This way you will enjoy the maximum benefits of a healthy and clean working and living environment.

Our professional and friendly staff know the industry well and are more than happy to recommend the right carpet cleaning service for you.


Carpet and Rug Cleaning - Types Of Services On Offer

There are a variety of different carpet cleaning services that we can offer our clients in the pretty suburb of Como. Our carpet cleaners in Como will first inspect your site to make an assessment of your cleaning needs.

We will discuss possible treatments and troublesome areas with you so that we can commence the work knowing that all your needs are being met.

Once a solution has been devised we will prep the area with a thorough vacuuming and pre-treat using our Encamp Green soil encapsulate detergent. From there, one of the following services will be provided:



Dry carpet cleaning

One of the newer techniques available on the market that makes use of chemical technologies that use very low moisture (VLM) cleaning methods is dry carpet cleaning. Compounds or powders are applied to the carpet using specialised brush machines to open up the carpet fibres for cleaning.

It provides a distinct benefit over conventional cleaning methods as carpets no longer require any dry time after they are cleaned using this method. This cleaning method makes use of cleaning.



Steam cleaning

Using water vapour, hot steam hits the dirt and dust particles within your carpet, weakening the bonds that hold them together, allowing them to be more easily removed.

In addition to cleaning, this also helps kill bacteria which can be tough to remove using conventional cleaning methods.

Another benefit of steam carpet cleaning techniques is that it does not rely on harsh chemicals or other pollutants but rather natural water vapour which is friendly to the environment and your home.


Shampoo cleaning

This is one of our most popular and economical methods of carpet cleaning. We use a wide variety of cleaning chemicals including natural soaps and synthetic solutions that target different stains and types of dirt on your carpet in order to get the most effective results.

The process begins with a thorough vacuuming to remove loose dirt particles. Then we use our rotary machines which are equipped with solution tanks that feed the shampoo to your carpet using shower feed brushes to scrub the carpet.

This method provides an economical deep cleaning solution for your carpets and rugs.



We use a method known as ‘iScurbing’ which is suitable for carpets in complexes with high traffic volumes. This method increases the machine’s productivity as it is able to get into hard to reach corners.

With our wide range of services available, why not contact the best carpet cleaners in Como for a quotation on your cleaning needs today.


Upholstery cleaning

While not directly a carpet cleaning service, upholstery cleaning can be an important service for homeowners that use carpet flooring.

Up to 80% of dirt and other dirt particles brought into your home may end up in your upholstered furniture. It is therefore important for homeowners with carpeted flooring to consider the use of upholstering cleaning services to help keep their furniture clean and healthy.


Other Cleaning Services Provided by Cleanetic

Our professional team not only consists of carpet cleaners in Como, but also specialize in the following fields, giving you a more rounded cleaning service with Cleanetic Cleaning:

  • End of lease cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Domestic cleaning
  • Building and construction cleaning for handover
  • Tile and grout cleaning


Contact Reliable Canning Vale Carpet Cleaners

Our professional and reliable services for carpet cleaning in Como make us the obvious choice to contact to fulfil your needs. Our friendly and professional team are committed to providing you with the best service possible.


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