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Best Carpet Cleaner In South Perth

If you reside within the South Perth area, and are in the need of high standard carpet cleaning but don’t have the time or tools necessary to adequately clean your carpets then contact our professional carpet cleaning agency, Cleanetic Cleaning, to do it for you.

Offering the best carpet cleaning services in the well-known suburb of South Perth which is home to the Perth Zoo, we can offer you a wide range of cleaning services to suit your home, business, or commercial needs. Here is what our carpet cleaners in South Perth can do for you:

Cleanetic Cleaning – Services We Offer In South Perth

One of the leading carpet cleaners in South Perth, Cleanetic Cleaners provide exceptional standard carpet cleaning services for both commercial and domestic use.

Using the best professional quality equipment, Cleanetic Cleaning guarantees high standard services to ensure that you are not only satisfied but exceedingly pleased with the results.

By using highly motivated, professional cleaners, we offer services of a highly specialized and professional manner. Our staff provide expert knowledge and advice and are happy to answer any questions that you may have. We will also provide you with tips on maintaining your carpets after we have completed our work on your premises.

In addition to carpet cleaning services, we also provide other related services such as building and construction cleaning for buildings that are in the final stages of construction.

Additionally, we offer upholstery cleaning services, end of lease cleaning, tile and grout cleaning as well as window cleaning in addition to carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaners In South Perth

Our team of professional carpet cleaners in South Perth will perform an onsite inspection to determine which of our services are best suited to you. Based on your needs we will offer you one of the following:

  • Steam cleaning
  • iScurbing
  • Shampoo cleaning
  • Carpet dry cleaning

No matter which carpet cleaning service you use, our Encamp Green soil encapsulate detergent will be used to pre-treat all areas requiring the service.

Steam cleaning

High-temperature steam is applied to your carpet or rug to remove dirt or stains and kill harmful germs and bacteria in those hard to reach places.

Steam cleaning is the most eco-friendly carpet cleaning method, as it uses no harmful chemicals. Because the steam evaporates so quickly, your carpets and furniture will be dry in no time.


We use a carpet cleaning method called iScurb which provides the best results and is suited to cleaning in apartment complexes with high foot traffic.

Shampoo cleaning

Shampoo cleaning is one of our most popular and economical methods of carpet cleaning. After vacuuming the area thoroughly, our expert crew will use their machines to scrub and shampoo your carpet which releases dirt and stains while thoroughly cleaning the fibres.

Soil encapsulate detergents are used to pre-treat all areas. Our rotary machine then pre-grooms or power scrubs the area to loosen embedded soil. Additionally, we will also remove dirt from baseboards in rooms to before we leave to add a final touch to the room being cleaned.

Benefits Of Our Expert Carpet Cleaning Services

Having your carpet professionally cleaned can provide you with several benefits. Some of these potential benefits include:

Extends the longevity of your carpets.

One of the biggest advantages when making use of our professional carpet cleaning services is that the lifespan of your carpets can be extended.

Over time, dirt and dust particles, as well as allergens and other small debris, become embedded in the fibres of your carpet which weaken them and cause them to slowly degrade. Thus, having these particles removed can help decrease the deterioration of your carpets.

Healthier environment

When your carpet is filled with the above-mentioned particles, these particles can be passed into the surrounding air when the carpet is disturbed by walking over it. These particles can cause problems with respiratory systems and cause allergic reactions and other potential health problems to occur.

Our professional service carpet cleaners in South Perth can help kill these allergens and remove most of the other small particles from carpets, rugs, furniture and upholstery in your home or business.

Remove carpet stains

It may be difficult for you to remove some of the tougher stains in your carpets. Thus, acquiring the services of Cleanetic Cleaning professional carpet cleaners in South Perth can help you remove even the toughest of stains that you would not be able to remove otherwise.

Improve the overall appearance of the room

Carpets and other flooring are one of the most used furnishings within your home. Therefore, dirt and other particles are constantly being tracked making your carpets appear older and darker faster.

Our professional carpet cleaners can keep your carpets looking new and fresh which can help brighten up your rooms and improve the overall aesthetics of your home and business.

No leftover residue

One of the major differences between professional cleaning services and private cleaning is the highly specialised and professional equipment available to expert carpet cleaning service providers. Many carpet cleaning machines that you can hire are less efficient than the specialised equipment available to professional cleaners.

As a result, these cheaper, inefficient machines often leave behind some of the cleaning solutions resulting in a build-up of residue. Cleanetic Cleaning’s carpet cleaning machines are able to clean your carpets and flooring with techniques and equipment that does not leave behind residue which improves the cleaning results.

Contact Cleanetic Cleaning For the Best Carpet Cleaners in South Perth

Whether you are looking for carpet cleaning services for the foreshore high rises, suburb mansions, or business district, our offices are open daily to make it convenient for you.

Not only are we available in South Perth, but also the surrounding areas too. We have you covered in all areas so contact us for all your professional, domestic and business carpet cleaning needs

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